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Inspired by the film "Rear Window" by director Hitchcock, "Who killed my neighbor?" is a reinterpretation of the film in game format.

When you are forced to stay home alone, it can sometimes be tiring. So to pass the time we can take care of the lives of others, but beware it can be dangerous.

  What movie would you like to see as the reference/basis for our next game?


Inspirado no filme "Janela Indiscreta" do diretor Hitchcock, "Quem matou meu vizinho?" é uma releitura do filme em formato de jogo.

Quando você é obrigado a ficar em casa sozinho, as vezes pode ser cansativo. Então para passar o tempo podemos cuidar a vida dos outros, mas cuidado isso pode custar muito caro.

  Que filme você gostaria de ver como referência/base para nosso próximo jogo?


WhoKilledMyNeighbor.zip 406 MB


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yo, has the song at the end of the game a name?

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Hi, name the song is "Tomorrow" - composer: Benjamin Tissot

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Hey dev, sorry didn't post the video the other day so I played the game again. Hope you will watch it till the end and have a good time while watching it. Pls don't  take my jokes too seriously ok XD. Just enjoy it ok :). Wish you the best of luck dev and stay safe from the corona virus kk.


I had a lot of fun watching you play, I liked the theories you created for the neighbors! Boomer hue hue! Thanks!

your welcome dev and glad you enjoy it :).

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 

Thank you so much for playing!

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GREAT JOBS ;D continue other idea similar ;D

Thanks. I have plans for more games with this idea.

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wow ! great news ;D i love retro game ;D

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Ok. I'll wait for the English one ok :) .

(I'll follow for now)

Thanks, later this week it will be in english.

Ok dev thanks for the reply.

English version available

Nice one dev, I'll try to play it tomorrow. Because we have visiters. Thanks for the reply.

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Hey dev, today I was playing your game and it was fine. Sadly tho my mic broke half of my recording sorry.